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Every woman has a story. What's yours?

"By Women, For Women serves a vital global need: Supporting Latter-day Saint women as they navigate faith within the context of varied cultures, languages and community practices." 

Neylan McBaine, Founder of Better Days 2020 and the Mormon Women Project

Telling women’s stories

Our storytelling projects amplify women’s impact and voices by providing a platform for Latter-day Saint women’s stories to be read and felt. From the ordinary to the extraordinary these stories create spaces for dialogue, connection and inclusion which will give way to fresh perspectives of diversity and how women live their faith. As we become what we can see, we hope these stories of women will build stronger individuals and communities throughout Europe and beyond.


Fostering Inclusive Dialogues

At By Women, For Women, we wish to create content that fits the needs of the Latter-day Saint women of Europe. To do that, we need to learn more about the different experiences of this unique group. We realise that Latter-day Saint women in Europe come from vastly different backgrounds regarding culture, life experiences, family situations, sexual orientation, sexual identity, marital status, etc. We feel that the best way to learn is to talk to the women themselves, listen, and learn.

Resources for Women

Where do you go when you want to find resources created by, to or for women? We at BWFW have gathered an ever-growing library of resources created by/for/to women. All resources are aligned with our values. You will find podcasts, art, articles, books, talks, blogs and other mediums especially for women.

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By joining By Women, For Women, you help us make our programmes and events possible. With a small annual fee, you get full access to our community through Dialogue Nights, Town Halls and Inclusion Dialogues.

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