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Caroline Muiruri

Kenyan Caroline Muiruri shares how moving to Germany taught her the importance of community, proved that friends can become family, and helped her realise that she doesn’t need to change who she is to make others more comfortable.

Cecilie Lundgreen

Norwegian professional golfer Cecilie Lundgreen shares how her profound bond with her mother has shaped every facet of her life, from her remarkable athletic career to her deeply personal faith journey.

Chandra Athanasia

Chandra Athanasia shares about dreams, bicycles, cruiseships and raising a family in a new homeland. It’s a story of determination, wanderlust and courage.

Dominika Stoica

Dominika Stoica shares how her journal has been a place of refuge and healing during difficult moments in her life, and the importance of never losing sight of our innate worth, especially as women.

Edina Spisák

Hungarian Edina Spisák shares how a childhood toy became a family heirloom and how her faith became a lifeline in the face of immense loss.

Felícia Dias

Portugal native, Felícia Dias narrates her life story through the lens of time, diving into her evolving relationship with self-worth, experience of becoming a mother, and realisation that every woman’s story is worth honouring--including your own.

Juliana Kostandini

Juliana Kostandini offers a peek into her stories full of lessons learned, forged connections and generations of strong women.

Lola Ogunbote

British-Nigerian football professional and altruist Lola Ogunbote shares her experience growing up in an immigrant family and learning how to follow your heart rather than your head.

Mariana Constantinescu

Romanian teacher Mariana Constantinescu reveals the power of the written word, how education can change lives, and the importance of having compassion for both others and yourself.

Nancy Karampoulas

Greek engineer Nancy Karampoulas shares her experience navigating life as a working mother, finding love after loss, and how her piano has been her safe haven through it all.

Pini Kemppainen

Finnish globetrotter Pini Kemppainen shares the ups and downs of nomadic life, her relationship with global citizenship, and what truly makes a house a home.

Shara Hofmann

Shara Hofmann embraces the unfamiliar during many moves across the globe, both the wanted and the unwanted. Hers is a story brimming with new beginnings, courage, and generations of maternal love.

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