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What is Inclusion Dialogue? 

In By Women, For Women, our goal is to create content that fits the needs of the LDS women of Europe. In order to better do that, we want to learn more about the different experiences of this group. To this end, we have created Inclusion Dialogue to facilitate intimate, safe conversations between small groups of women. The different groups will consist of 3-4 invited women who share their lived experiences in relation to topics such as culture, life experiences, family situations, sexual orientation, sexual identity, marital status, etc. The groups meet 2-3 times for 1.5-2 hours over Zoom to ensure an in-depth exploration of their experiences. After the conversations are finished, the discussed information will be shared with By Women For Women and with 3rd parties, but identities will always be protected. If any of the participants need to correct something they said or want to get in contact with the director, they can contact Anne Christina Larsen via email.

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Meet the Team

Anne Christina: Inclusion Dialogue Coordinator (1st from the right, top row) 

Clare Marshall: Inclusion Dialogue Facilitator & Scribe (bottom row)

Ornella Ulrich Bicchieri:  Inclusion Dialogue Facilitator & Scribe (2nd to the right, top row)

Hannah Biver: Inclusion Dialogue Facilitator & Scribe (above)

Kamryn Williams: Inclusion Dialogue Secretary (3rd from the right, top row) 

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Participating in the Inclusion Dialogue as part of By Women, For Women was very uplifting for me. I normally live and work in the Eastern United States, and I found this group during a year long work assignment in Europe. It was great to connect with other women in a safe space to discuss personal beliefs, ask questions, and listen to each other. I wish I had had something like this years ago to connect with other women in the gospel. In my home ward, I sometimes feel like I do not fit in with the others, so having another place to meet and discuss on a topic like we did for the Inclusion Dialogue was really nice. I also got to share my own work with the group in a place where I could get feedback from others.

-Amber Majeske

My friend Gladys (83) and I (65) participated in the widows inclusion dialogue. I am 12 years out and she is 4 years out on this journey. Listening and hearing the stories of the other women, humbled both of us. We wanted to reach out and embrace them and tell them ‘things will be ok’. That they were loved and in His care. We all have our cross to bear in life but some crosses are heavier and have more splinters than others. And there are periods when we have to carry them on our own, while the world carries on regardless. We silently wept for these women who were not meant to be part of this exclusive club. To us they are braver than brave, stronger than one could imagine but will be greatly blessed for enduring and enjoying till the end.

-Sheila Patel 

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