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Sheila Patel

Town Hall Coordinator

Sheila joined By Women, For Women in the fall of 2020. She has previously served on the Board of Directors and is now a Town Hall Coordinator. 

Sheila Patel is a trustee of two charities that offer grants to young people or organisations that support children who have been in foster care or are currently in foster care. She fostered children with her late husband and family for 21 years and in that time cared for over 100 children. She was also Principal Advisor Foster Care for 20 years with a well-known fostering agency. 

Sheila’s ambition is to see women of all ages thrive and reach their full potential. She sees being spiritual as a great way in achieving this. Inclusion plays a big part in her life and she will do all she can to give women a voice and a seat at all tables. 

Sheila is originally from Ireland but now lives in Kent, England. 

Sheila Patel
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