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Shara Hofmann

Operations Director

Shara joined By Women, For Women as Operations Director in November 2022. She previously volunteered as Strategy Director in 2021. 

Shara Hofmann is a social worker with a master’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Public and Nonprofit Management. Currently Shara works for the Integration Office at the city of Zurich on hour base projects and is dedicating most of her time to care for her one-year old baby. 

Over the years living, working and studying in different countries allowed Shara to gain perspective into the challenges and the different levels of equality that women experience within different societal systems. Therefore, in every professional position at the Swedish Migration Board and later at the Integration Office of the city of Zurich in Switzerland it has been central to her work to provide tools and information to women that may help them to succeed in their life situation.

Outside of her professional life Shara enjoys traveling, learning languages, watching soccer and spending time with her family.

Shara Hofmann
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