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Rebecca Russavage

Community Relations Director

Rebecca has been the Community Relations Director since September 2022 and has been with the organisation since its inception in May 2020 in multiple roles. 

Professionally, Rebecca is an associate at the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a US institution dedicated to enhancing global democratic governance through the expansion of economic opportunity. 

Rebecca has spearheaded international anti-corruption research for the United Nations and the World Bank, founded organisations dedicated to political engagement for youth and engaged in advocacy efforts at the local level.  

The common thread in Rebecca’s work is a belief in the power of individuals as agents, and in particular, the power women have to lead and enact change for the general good. This conviction drew her to By Women, For Women’s mission to amplify women's voices, stories and impact.

Rebecca currently resides in New York City, USA. 

Rebecca Russavage
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