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Clare Marshall

Inclusion Dialogue Facilitator & Scribe

Clare joined By Women, For Women as Inclusion Dialogue Facilitator & Scribe in June 2021.

Clare received a master's in Art Psychotherapy, the final year of which included working at an LGBT Health Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. This experience was a catalyst for what has since become a life-long endeavour to better support marginalised and minoritised individuals, especially LGBTQ+ communities. In a professional capacity, she has worked with the British National Health Services and several regional and national regulatory bodies to deliver training, generate educational resources and ensure that inclusive practices are embedded across a range of services in the UK.

Clare has a particular interest in gender, identity and intersectionality within both religious and secular communities. She is passionate about creating safe spaces where individuals can explore the complexities of life, share ways to navigate challenges and find connections in the vulnerability that these conversations both require and facilitate.

Clare Marshall
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