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1 / Why should I support BWFW?

BWFW has demonstrated proof of concept and is filling a direct need with a sustainable, low-cost model that will have a lasting impact. It is the first and only organisation of its kind. There has never been a greater need to hear and amplify the voices of women.

2 / What will my donation help achieve?

It will help enable us to amplify the voices, stories and impact of women of faith in Europe. We rely entirely on donations from our community members and are grateful for the support we receive. It costs £500 to bring one woman’s story to life.

3 / How does BWFW use its funding?

All donations raised on our website go directly and entirely to our programmes. BWFW works to exhibit sound and sustainable financial conduct. In an effort to be fully transparent, maintain accountability to donors, and to demonstrate compliance with financial regulations, BWFW will publish annual financial reports on our website.

4 / Will I get tax relief?

If you are a US donor - yes! Unfortunately, if you are in the UK/EU, at this time we cannot offer tax relief as we are awaiting registration with the Charity Commission. Sign up to our newsletter and we will be sure to notify you once we have our charity status.

5 / What forms of payment does BWFW accept? 

To be determined.

6 / Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

To be determined.

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