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Every woman has a story, what's yours?

Amplifying women's voices, stories and impact. 

"By Women, For Women serves a vital global need: supporting Latter-day Saint women as they navigate faith within the context of varied cultures, languages and community practices. I am delighted to see Latter-day Saint women outside of the United States grappling with and sharing their unique experiences, and supporting other sisters in the process." 

Neylan McBaine, Founder of Better Days 2020 and the Mormon Women Project


Join the community

By joining By Women, For Women, you help us make our programmes and events possible. With a small annual fee, you get access to Dialogue Nights, Town Halls, Inclusion Dialogues, Book Club, and more. 

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Invisible Stories 

Our Invisible Stories series gives a voice to women from the past. 


Resource Centre 

An ever-growing collection of media by and/or for women of faith. 

Object of My Affection

Women from across Europe highlight an object that connects them to their story.


Inclusion Dialogues


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